About me

Filip Redelius

I grew up in the contrast of a small inland town and the exotic sounds and colours of my father’s Pet shop. In my early twenties I studied sociology and went for field studies to Bangladesh and Nepal. This was great inspiration. Since my career as a designer started at Hyper Island have I worked in New York and London. Now I work as an freelance consultant in Stockholm within motion graphics and user experience design.

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“Filip is very motivated and hard working young designer who will continually rise to new challenges. He approached every project with a positive creative attitude and was always a pleasure to work with.” – Ben Tricklebank, Creative Director, Domani Studios, New York

“Filip is one of the few people who naturally have the creative flow within, and it shines on all the projects that he worked on. He has an honest personality, a great passion about everything design, and is extremely easy to work with in a team. I’m really happy to get to know him not just as a colleague, but also as a friend.” – James Hu, Interactive Art Director, Domani Studios, New York

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